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Wedding Dance Classes​


Beginner Waltz - Private Class
Waltz is the introductory dance to standard ballroom and is the most popular choice for a wedding dance. The beginner classes will help you appreciate the music and rhythm of Waltz music and introduce couples to the basic techniques, footwork and posture for ballroom dancing. Private classes can be arranged at your convenience, with full personalized attention from our instructors to ensure your progress is on track for your wedding performance. 


Wedding Choreography
Couples who are looking to perform the first dance at their weddings can engage our instructors to choreograph a performance specially tailored for their needs. From selecting and editing the music to personalizing a choreography tailored to your skill level, couples can be sure to leave the sessions confident and assured for their wedding performance! 


Wedding Dance Package
To ensure that you have the best experience and confidence to carry out your wedding dance performance, we recommend a combination of beginner classes and choreography sessions in order to equip you with the basic knowledge and techniques of ballroom dancing. 


Ballroom Dance Classes​

Beginner Waltz - Group Class

Couples may choose to join one of our Group Classes to learn the basics of the Waltz before embarking on their choreography sessions. These classes are conducted in a size of 6-10 people and learners will have a chance to meet new friends and have fun picking up a new hobby. 


Beginner Group Classes
Group classes are also available for other genres of dance such as Tango, Viennese Waltz, Slow Foxtrot and Quickstep. Contact us now to find out about upcoming classes that have been scheduled! 

Beginner Private Classes

Private classes are available for all the standard ballroom dances. Private classes can be arranged at your convenience and are tailored to your preferences and learning pace, ensuring that you get undivided attention from our instructors and optimal learning conditions. Contact us now to find out about arranging for private classes! 


Children's Dance Classes​

Creative Movement - Group Class

Dance is a great way to introduce your child to low impact physical activities! Our Creative Movement classes are fun and interactive sessions planned by early childhood certified professionals. Children can channel their boundless energy into games and activities that help them learn about music and rhythm. Together with stretches and other physical exercises, your child will gain better understanding of coordination and movements. Suitable for ages 3-5.

*Group classes will only begin with a minimum of 6 pax.

Ballroom Dancing for Children
Older children can also participate in our Ballroom Dance classes for children which will focus on the steps and techniques of each dance genre. Our classes will help them to develop confidence, good posture, discipline, self-esteem and social skills.


*private and group classes available 

Find out more about Our First Dance Junior!

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