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Getting over your Wedding Dance Jitters

Performing the first dance at weddings is a Western tradition that has caught on among couples here in Singapore in the recent years. For many newlyweds, performing in front of your guests can be a nerve-wrecking experience. Here are some tips and tricks to help you overcome your wedding dance jitters and to ensure you have a memorable night!

1. Practice, Practice &....Practice!

As with anything that requires perfect execution, practice is the key! Give yourselves sufficient time before your wedding to learn the choreography and have ample practice sessions. Planning for your wedding dance early would also ensure that you have more time allocated to it as other wedding-related tasks start to take more time closer to the big day! Once you are comfortable with your steps and choreography, try practicing in front of family and friends to get used to performing in front of an audience. This will help greatly in the jitters during the actual event!

2. Communicate with your instructor

It is important to communicate with your dance instructor and choreographer to align yourselves on key areas such as your comfort and skill level of performing certain steps, the amount of time you are able to commit to the lessons and practice sessions and the idea of your expected final piece. It may not be practical or realistic to compare your idea of the perfect wedding dance with what you see on TV and it is important to calibrate your expectations alongside your instructor to ensure that there are no disappointments or misunderstandings! Instructors will typically tailor the dance choreography and pace of lessons to suit every couple accordingly based on time available and skill level, so it is always good to be clear about your commitments beforehand.

3. Dress appropriately for the dance

Now, you've got your choreography down pat and you're confident of pulling the item off and wowing your guests after numerous practice sessions! The last thing you would want is any wardrobe malfunction or tripping over your long dress during the performance! Speak to your instructor to find out about the appropriate outfit and footwear for your performance. Dancewear is made differently from normal clothing to accommodate various movements during dancing. Find a few options that you are happy with and run it through with your instructors to see if they are suitable for your choreography. It is also highly recommended to do a few full-dress rehearsals with your chosen outfit so you know exactly what to expect during the event!

4. Relax, smile and enjoy the moment!

Last but not least, always remember to relax, smile and enjoy the moment during your wedding dance! Couples sometimes get overly stressed out trying to remember and execute their choreography while not tripping over each other that they forget to smile and enjoy themselves! Never forget that the most important thing of your big day is celebrating your love for each other and immersing yourselves in the moment while being surrounded by your loved ones. If you're enjoying the moment, your guests can feel it too when love is in the air!

Now go ahead and enjoy dancing in the arms of your special someone!

Tips for Wedding Dance Singapore

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